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Sienna Campus Renovation: Summer 2018

Last spring, Sienna Lutheran Academy and Christ the Lord Lutheran Church joined the Divine Savior Family as our Sienna Plantation Campus. This ministry serves a community of families of this growing suburb in southwest Houston, Texas. Read on for photos and descriptions of the renovations...

Divine Savior - Sienna Plantation underwent a 6-week renovation this summer that began the day after school let out in May and finished mid-July, in time for a Grand Re-opening Celebration for the community on July 14.

New flooring, paint, tile work, and bathroom upgrades throughout the building gave the campus a completely new look. In the administrative wing of the building, the offices and conference rooms were updated and two new offices were created for the business manager and new admissions coordinator. In the entryway and throughout the building, new doors and tech systems were added for enhanced school security. The exterior of the building received updated signage, paint, and a new roof (due to damage from Hurricane Harvey in 2017). The grounds were upgraded with a preschool playground, new landscaping, and tree clearing.

Perhaps the most exciting addition was the new preschool space. Not only is this a beautiful new room, but it houses a new preschool program for DSA - Sienna. 12 new students joined the program for its first year, helping to raise the enrollment from 76 possible returning students to 98 enrolled students for the 18-19 school year. What a blessing!

We thank God for the hard work of the staff, construction crew, and Divine Savior Family in Sienna who all made this renovation possible, and we ask God's blessings on this campus as it seeks to share the good news of Jesus with the community of Sienna Plantation!

Besides new paint and flooring, our entryway renovations included the creation of two new offices (business and admissions), as well as enhanced security features for our campus.

The all-purpose meeting room was transformed into a preschool space for the new early childhood program.

The playground was expanded to include a equipment for our new preschool students.

Early childhood hallway renovation: new floors, new paint, new walls!

Gymnasium and Worship Space for Divine Savior Church

Classroom Renovations

Elementary and Middle School Hallway Updates

The conference room (pictured), offices, and campus bathrooms also received an extensive facelift with the addition of new flooring, doors, painting, and tiling.

The exterior of our building received a new roof (due to last year's Hurricane Harvey), as well as new paint, landscaping, and signage.

To learn more about Divine Savior Church - Sienna Plantation, visit

To learn more about Divine Savior Academy - Sienna Plantation, visit


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