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Who We Are

Divine Savior Ministries is the parent organization of Divine Savior Church and Divine Savior Academy. We exist to spread the good news about Jesus to students, families, and communities through churches and schools.


Divine Savior Academy exists to provide college-prep academics, supportive teachers, and a Christian environment to share Christ's love with students and their families.

Divine Savior Church shares the saving message of Jesus with the Divine Savior family and local community by providing opportunities to worship, connect, and serve in a Christ-centered environment.


Divine Savior Ministries serves and supports the development and growth of ministries within the Divine Savior family, as well as other institutions through consulting and grants.   

How We Began

Divine Savior began with a three-fold mission:

1. To start a school that would produce a church

2. To grow a church to support the families of the school

3. To use our blessings to help support and grow other ministries

In 2004, Divine Savior Academy opened its Doral campus with 30 students in kindergarten to third grade. Concurrently, Divine Savior Church served the families of these students and supported the community of Doral with worship services, fellowship opportunities, and Bible classes. 

God's Word is now being shared with 950 preschool, elementary, middle and high school students every day on DSA's Doral campus. In addition, Divine Savior Church reaches out to our family, community, and over 400 members with its English and Spanish ministries. To God be the glory!


Over the course of the last decade, Divine Savior has also worked to fulfill its third area of ministry: using its blessings to serve and support other ministries. We give a percentage of our budget away each year to ministries seeking financial support. In addition, church and school leaders contact us for

help in the areas of long-range planning, expansion, program development, and marketing.

It is our joy to work with ministries across the country.


With God's blessing we've added new Divine Savior campuses in Florida and Texas. To aid in this growth, Divine Savior Ministries was formed. We continue to do what we've always done:

serve and support our campuses, as well as other ministries outside the Divine Savior family. ​

Our Governing Board

Pastor Don Patterson


Brian Cottrell


Dave Faber


Pastor Ben Kuerth

Coordinating Pastor, Divine Savior Church

Pastor Carlos Leyrer

President, Divine Savior Ministries 

Sam Londono


Mike Kadow


Robert Timmerman


Pastor Charles Westra


Ileana Ortiz


Shawna Mehlberg


Tim Biesterfeld


Pastor Carl Leyrer


Our Officers


Pastor Carlos Leyrer, President


Ileana Ortiz, VP of Business Operations


Tim Biesterfeld, Head of Schools


Shawna Mehlberg, Head of Early Childhood

Support Positions

IMG_4626 2_edited.jpg

Patricia Perez

Business Operations Manager


Jeniffer Alba 

Business Office Coordinator 


Martha Bozzi

Business Office Coordinator


Michelle Cristian

Procurement Coordinator

IMG_0913 2_edited.jpg

Laura Montez
Director of Curriculum & Instruction

Priscilla Leal.JPG

Priscilla Leal

Director of Human Resources

IMG_5452 2.heic

Michelle Fernandez

Human Resources Coordinator


Danielle Weber

Director of Marketing

IMG_5409 2.heic

Gretel Delgado

Director of Art & Design


Camila Carruyo

Marketing Coordinator


Grace Tarver

Marketing Coordinator


Alec Mueller



Henry Matos

Chief Information Officer

Micheal Pena DSM_edited.jpg

Michael Pena

IT Helpdesk Level 2


Hector Agosto

IT Helpdesk Level 2

Yelifer DSM_edited.jpg

Yelifer Al-Abdala

Administrative Assistant

Lily Rowell Staff Photo.jpg

Lily Rowell

Administrative Assistant

Achilles, Jeff.jpg

Jeff Achilles
Facilities Manager 

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