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22 Ministry Updates to Start 2022

Dear Friends of our Divine Savior,

On February 17, the Governing Board of Divine Savior Ministries met to discuss the work across

our campuses. The overwhelming sentiment is that we are truly blessed to do God’s work at

this time, in these locations, with these people. The challenge will be keeping up with all the

opportunities to do more ministry together.

And to kick off 2022, we have 22 important updates to share!

Doral Campus

1. We are excited to move forward with the Worship and Ministry Center. God willing, we

will have our permits soon and begin construction this summer.

2. Due to increased demand, we are working to expand our middle school to four sections

wide next year. Overall, we anticipate over 1,180 students next year…God be praised!

3. Staffing continues to be at the front of our minds. Thus far we have had 19 teachers

receive calls this year and we are calling for 5 positions. Please pray that God grant

wisdom to all those deliberating where they can best serve.

4. At DSC, we recently celebrated 17 baptisms on Baptism Sunday and there are currently

30 people enrolled in English and Spanish Starting Point classes!

Delray Beach Campus

5. Enrollment continues to grow at Delray Beach. There are currently 122 students in

grades PreK-3 thru 4th and we are pushing for over 200 next year.

6. The Lyons Road expansion in front of our campus is almost done. This will give our

ministry greater visibility and access.

7. We are currently calling four more teachers to meet the needs of our growing student


8. DSC continues to be blessed with 15 baptisms, 25 people in Starting Point, and an

average of 114 in worship this year. They are also calling a full-time staff minister to

best harvest the mission field created by our Academy.

Sienna Campus

9. Design and planning continue on our next phase for this campus. The 67,000 square

foot addition will provide 18 more classrooms, a chapel, full-size gym and weight room,

an administrative wing, and dedicated spaces for art and music.

10. We recently hosted a “Vision Night” event for our current families and for the

community to learn more about our high school and the plans we have for the future. We were pleased to again see the high level of interest and excitement for a Christian

high school demonstrated by the Sienna community.

11. DSA-Sienna is launching a high school football team. This will be the first across our


12. DSC also celebrated 11 baptisms on Baptism Sunday and is exploring adding church staff to increase our outreach efforts.

Santa Rita Ranch

13. We are working hard to break ground this summer on a 28,000 square expansion. This

will provide our campus with 11 more classrooms, an art, STEM, and music lab, and a

full-size gym.

14. We are still in need of a 5th and 7th grade teacher to help serve the over 270 students we anticipate next year.

15. DSC broke the 100-member barrier in December and on February 6 they welcomed their

new worship director.

West Palm Beach

16. On January 23 rd we said goodbye to Pastor Boggs and his wife Julia. Graciously Pastor

Boggs continues to teach catechism classes via Zoom. We are currently calling for his


17. The vacancy is being filled by a rotation of pastors across Divine Savior, this is yet

another blessing of our Divine Savior Church Association.

18. The congregation is well positioned to welcome a new pastor and the local leadership

continues to make plans to move ministry forward during the vacancy.

Divine Savior Ministries

19. This year DSM welcomed Phil Kurbis as Director of IT. This has been a blessing and

provided much needed support across our campuses.

20. We are presented many opportunities, but have a clear and focused plan. The next step

is to build out the Santa Rita and Sienna campuses over the next two to three years.

21. There has been a lot of discussion regarding staffing in the last year. Thankfully, we are

not the only ministry growing in our synod. WELS schools are growing across the

country, and we are working with our District Presidents to find creative and innovative

ways to meet the demand.

22. We are exploring an opportunity to expand ministry in the Dallas area. DSC will lead in

this outreach effort with a DSA to follow in the next 5 years. We believe this model and

timeline fits well with our existing commitments and responsibilities.

Thank you to all who support our ministry and keep us going and growing. It truly takes all of us

to do more ministry together!

Pastor Carlos Leyrer

President – Divine Savior Ministries


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