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What We Do

We grow, we cooperate, we serve. 

Divine Savior was founded on the values of growth, cooperation, and service.

These values guide our decisions and motivate our actions as we seek to

spread the good news as a ministry. 

Divine Savior seeks to "go out into the world and preach the good news

through the pursuit of new missions and the strategic support of established ministries.


We seek to cooperate: school and church, church with church, academy with academy. We work with each other to share resources and

build each other up in the Lord.


We help ministries find ways to reach more people with God's Word.

Sometimes that means finding a way to support their ministry through a grant. Other times it's helping them tell others about their ministry through a rebranding. Whether it is a business plan or a marketing plan, the goal is always the same: to do more ministry. 

A ministry that has a strong foundation financially can focus on sharing God's Word instead of balancing the budget. A strong foundation also ensures that a ministry is sustainable, that it can continue to share the gospel for years and years to come. We help churches and schools build a solid foundation by working with them to build a business plan. Using good stewardship principles, we make the most of the gifts and opportunities that God has blessed them with. 

Marketing is simply telling people who you are and how you can help them. We use ministry-focused marketing to aid churches and schools in getting the word out about how they can serve their communities with the gospel and with Christian education. We create outreach-minded brands and use inbound marketing to reach people where they are. 

We start new ministries. 

The Lord continues to provide us with opportunities to partner together to start new missions or to support missions that are just beginning. Whether it becomes part of the Divine Savior family or remains an independent ministry, we love supporting the growth of new churches and schools. 

Academy with Church

Divine Savior seeks to foster a spirit of cooperation between the churches and schools to work together to best serve the families of our ministries with the gospel message of Jesus as Savior. We are united in this mission, and so believe that our efforts to share the gospel are best done as a team: pastors and principals, teachers and lay leaders, academy families and congregational members. 


Our academies bring families into our ministry from our surrounding community with excellence in education and a Christian environment. Once here, our teachers, administrators, and pastors have the privilege of ministering to these families. Together, we build bridges from the academy to the church to serve this on-site mission field of students and their families. A strong bond between the school and church is essential to harvesting this mission field.

Academy with Academy

Our academies cooperate together to serve the needs of students and their families. In a tuition-based model, we understand that we must meet the high expectations of parents who are sacrificing to pay for a private education. This includes rigorous curriculums, cutting-edge technology, excellent facilities, and professional systems and processes. Divine Savior Academy has worked diligently to meet these expectations. 


As a school, we have learned how difficult it is to provide excellence in all we do. We have devoted years to developing our curriculum, processes, policies, educational technology, marketing, and business plans. Along the way, we realized that what we have learned can be shared and that economies of scale can be reached when we partner together in a multi-site model. 

In addition, we know that in order to attract new families to our school, we must earn their trust. Having multiple campuses and being part of a well-known network help earn that trust with our communities. 

Church with Church 

Divine Savior is also a network of churches that work together to support one another in our efforts to serve the mission field of our schools and our communities. We share a name, logo, brand, and philosophy of ministry as we seek to share the gospel together. Our pastors meet to collaborate on ideas to best accomplish this on our campuses. We also support each other in our individual congregations with the knowledge that ministry will look, feel, and sound a little bit different on all of our campuses, depending on the needs of our communities. We rejoice in our diversity and support each other in our shared mission. 

Our motto is "work hard, stay humble, and give God all the glory." This spirit of service is motivated by our love for our Savior and seeks to serve everyone we meet. 


Work Hard, Stay Humble, Give all Glory to God

From the beginning, Divine Savior has worked hard to support not only our campus, but to support other ministries as well. Because God has blessed us with resources, we believe it is our responsibility to serve fellow ministries.


We work hard in gratitude to be good stewards of our time, our treasures, and our talents. Ultimately, our motivation is not earthly glory or gain, but the love of Christ who set us free from our sins to serve him.


We strive to serve one another in humility, no matter what our role is within our ministry. Calling upon the words of Paul in 1 Corinthians 12:4-6, "There are different kinds of gifts, but the same Spirit. There are different kinds of service, but the same Lord. There are different kinds of working, but the same God works all of them in all men." 

In the end, we give all glory to God for the privilege to serve the souls connected to our ministries. All good things come from Him. We pray for his continued blessings on our ministry. 

More Ministry Together

We have partnered together as a multi-site ministry because we believe we can do more together: reach more people, provide more services, and grow more campuses. This is all in service to our mission to share the Gospel message with the world through churches and schools. 

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