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Our Campuses


Divine Savior's original campus is in Doral, a suburb of Miami, Florida. Our 14-acre campus includes an early childhood center, an elementary school, a middle school, and a high school serves approximately 1,000 students from PreK-3 to 12th grade. Our church serves more than 440 souls and is currently in the process of building a Worship and Ministry Center. 

Divine Savior School is our program which serves students who may be on the Autism Spectrum with severe and profound needs, or those in need of related support. Every student receives a unique program, designed with the partnership of parents, therapists, and academic personnel. It is located in a building contiguous to our Doral campus. 

Delray Beach

Our Delray Beach campus serves students in early childhood and elementary. It is a growing academy with a capacity of nearly 400 students, and a rapidly growing church that has nearly tripled in size (previous to the pandemic). 

West Palm Beach

West Palm Beach serves a congregation of believers with its pastor and lay leaders. This is our only ministry that does not have a Divine Savior academy, but we are exploring more ways to serve our community with a school or educational program. 

Santa Rita Ranch

Our Santa Rita Ranch Campus, outside Austin, opened in summer of 2020. The academy has already been blessed with the need to expand and add a second phase of the building. The church is also growing rapidly as it serves the needs of a booming community.


In 2018, our Sienna Campus joined Divine Savior Church and Academy. In its first year of operation, the school served nearly 100 students in its preschool, elementary, and middle school programs. With continued growth and listening to the desires of the parents, the next chapter for this campus is a high school beginning in 2021. 

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