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Our Statement of Faith

Updated: Oct 8, 2019

The Core Values Series Part Two: God's Word is our foundation.

Divine Savior exists to share the love of Christ with students, families, and communities through churches and schools. This purpose, as well as our mission, values, philosophy, and everything we do, is built on the truths of God's Word. Our Statement of Faith is a summary of our beliefs about God and His Word in the Bible. It is the foundation of every other document at Divine Savior, and it guides our decisions, as well as our preaching, teaching, and every facet of our ministry.

Our Statement of Faith was written by a group of our Divine Savior Church pastors and the Theology Department at Divine Savior Academy - Doral. Their goal was to create a statement that succinctly and clearly laid out our foundational beliefs. They also shared the corresponding Bible verses from which these statements are summarized. This Statement of Faith is currently being translated into Spanish. Together, the two versions will be used in every area of our ministry from the Core Values Book to our admissions process, hiring and training of staff to marketing and communications.

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