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November Trip to Sienna

Last week our Head of Schools, Head of Early Childhood, and Director of Business Operations headed to our Sienna campus. Read on to hear about what they did on their trip!

Head of Schools Report: Tim Biesterfeld

I met with Sienna's administration last week while on campus, and we had an opportunity to make plans for next year as we grow and expand our academic offerings and programs. Here are some of our plans for the upcoming school year:

  • Departmentalize the middle school. We will be out of classroom space next year, so we measured and discussed temporary classroom buildings for the site. The plan is to move the middle school into these temporary classrooms and to departmentalize the middle school program. This plan requires the addition of a middle school science teacher, so we will be calling this teacher in the upcoming month to begin for the 19-20 school year.

  • Release time for administrators. With our growing student body, we need more time for our administrators to be available to parents and to teachers. We are looking for ways to reduce the class load for the principal and the athletic director. The addition of a middle school science teacher will help make this possible.

  • Curriculum and program development. We are reviewing the current curriculum and are looking to develop STEM-related courses. We are also planning for an expansion of electives and after-school programming based on community needs.

  • Prep for accreditation visit. Our next accreditation visit is this spring, so we began setting timelines for tasks that need to be completed for this important date.

Head of Early Childhood Report: Shawna Mehlberg

The highlight of our visit was our Preschool Information Night on Wednesday evening. Since the preschool program is in its first year, we wanted to invite both current and prospective parents to learn more about our early childhood philosophy of education. At the event, parents had an opportunity to experience our program in an interactive and hands-on way. In addition, I was able to observe Sienna's early childhood in action. It's obvious that this program is a blessing to this campus's preschool students and their families. We're excited for the future!

Director of Business Operations Report: Ileana Ortiz

Divine Savior Ministries supports the efforts of our business managers on each operational academy: Doral, Delray Beach, and in Sienna Plantation. I had the opportunity to sit down with Sienna's business manager and review the following procedures and processes, as they relate to this campus's budget and operations:

  • Cash flow planning and projecting for smooth business operations

  • Parsonage allowance procedures for upcoming calendar year

  • Preparation for open enrollment period for health insurance and additional benefits

  • Setting up Smart Tuition in prep for re-enrollment and new student enrollment for the 19-20 school year

We're excited about the ways that we can support our administrators and support staff on every campus, as well as plan for the future development of our academies. We thank God for the blessings of our Sienna team, and we are grateful that we get to do ministry together!

For more information about our Sienna Plantation campus, please follow them on Facebook and Instagram, or visit their website. Liking or following us on social media is a great way to show your support!


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