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First Glimpse of Divine Savior - Santa Rita Ranch!

We're excited to share the following renderings of Divine Savior - Santa Rita Ranch, as well as the next steps for what will be a beautiful and functional building. We can't wait to serve our community in Santa Rita Ranch!

With plans to break ground in early summer, God-willing, Divine Savior - Santa Rita Ranch will open its doors in the Fall of 2020 for the 2020-21 school year.

Divine Savior’s campus in Santa Rita Ranch will serve students in preschool (three- and four-year-olds) and elementary school. The campus itself will have 25,000 square feet of educational and worship space on 13+ acres of land. Besides hosting large, light-filled classrooms, the Academy's building will feature several unique spaces like a Creativity Lab for project-based learning and the arts.

The planned auditorium is a stunning space with soaring ceilings and a beautiful performance stage used not only for recitals, chapel services, and drama performances, but also as the worship space for Divine Savior Church, which meets on Sunday mornings. Currently the congregation rents a small space in Liberty Hill. Pastor Stephen Apt leads this congregation and has been serving this ministry since its beginning.

The grounds will include a playground, convenient parking, and a future recreational field. In addition, Head of Early Childhood Shawna Mehlberg comments on another special outdoor feature:

“We have a "back patio" for bringing the Divine Savior Family together for outdoor events. We're really excited for the potential this space has for bringing us together for community events like family movie nights, picnics & potlucks, outdoor performances, and celebrations of all kinds. This area is adjacent to our playground, so kids can play and parents can visit with each other. It's going to be a space that truly serves our community.”

What are the next steps for this ministry?

  • Permitting: Our plans have been submitted to the necessary authorities for permitting. This process will take 4-6 months.

  • CDs: The design of the building is finished, so the architects are working on the construction documents (CDs).

  • Consultants: Our team is traveling out to Austin next week to meet with and hopefully hire the following consultants: low voltage/security, acoustical, and landscaping.

  • Fundraising: Our loan was approved with the stipulation that we raise an additional 500K. Our team is praying and working hard to raise the needed funds so we can stay on schedule.

  • Groundbreaking! Lord-willing, we hope to break ground in early summer with an estimated construction time of 10 months. This puts us in the building the spring of 2020 to open in the fall for the 2020-21school year.

After two years of planning, fundraising, and designing, it is exciting to take this next step towards giving Divine Savior - Santa Rita Ranch a building for its church and academy.

It takes a host of people to get a ministry out of the ground and into a building! Please keep this ministry and all those involved in your prayers as we work together with architects, consultants, permitting authorities, construction teams, our city and county officials, and our financing partners throughout the building process. We thank God for them all.

We can't wait to do more ministry together in this building.

To God be the glory.

Want to learn more about the ministry that will be done in this new facility? Visit the academy's website at or the church's website at You can also follow Divine Savior Church and Academy on their Facebook pages for daily updates.


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