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Now Hiring: Director of Marketing

Dear Divine Savior Family, 

Happy Easter! I hope this email finds you celebrating the joy and peace that comes from our risen Savior!

Our current marketing coordinator will be relocating at the end of May, so we will have a hole in the DSM marketing office. After contemplating how we might best support the efforts of our ministry moving forward, we have decided to hire a Director of Marketing as the replacement for this position.

If you are interested in this position or know someone who may wish to apply, please direct them to the information below. Resumes and contact information can be forwarded to If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask. Thank you for the opportunity to do more ministry together!

In His Service, 

Pastor Carlos Leyrer - MBA, M.Div

President - Divine Savior Ministries


Director of Marketing - Divine Savior Ministries

The purpose of this position is to lead the marketing efforts of our multi-campus organization.

The Marketing Department has a cooperative relationship with the Public Relations Department and the Admissions Department. The Marketing Department generates leads for the Admissions Department; the Admissions Department converts leads by enrolling students; the Public Relations Department seeks to retain enrolled students and their families during their time at Divine Savior and after graduation as alumni. The activities of these three departments overlap, so it is essential for them to work together to grow the DSA Family.


  • Bachelor’s Degree

  • Experience in leadership and marketing

  • Understanding of the unique needs of a non-profit ministry


  • Excellent organizational skills

  • Communicates effectively

  • Ability to coordinate efforts of a team

  • Energetic, takes initiative

  • Independent worker, self-motivated

  • Eager to innovate and stay up-to-date on latest marketing trends and technology


The core values of Divine Savior Ministries are service, cooperation, and growth. All employees of

Divine Savior seek to

  • Be service-minded: “Work hard and give all glory to God”

  • Be cooperative, team players

  • Be constantly growing: personally, professionally, and institutionally/organizationally


Leads the DSM Marketing Team and associated freelancers (PPC/online advertisers, website developer, photographer, video production, etc)

  • Serves as a coach for each member of the team to promote individual growth

  • Continues to clarify roles for the team as Divine Savior develops and grows organizationally

  • Develops marketing vision with the Vice President, shares organizational goals, and sets priorities in marketing plans and activities

Creates the marketing plans and budgets for each campus that fulfill organization goals

  • Ensures that the marketing plans and budgets are executed

  • Tracks vital statistics and budgets to share with leaders and administration

  • Sets the master schedule for campaigns and coordinates advertising to stay on brand and on campaign

Continually learns and researches the latest in marketing to stay current and help team members grow

Is a bridge to related departments

  • Connects with the admissions department to receive feedback for marketing plans and to measure effectiveness of marketing activities

  • Communicates to keep principals and school staff informed of marketing activities and to promote the enrollment and retention of students

Capitalizes on opportunities to share resources among campuses

  • Organizes systems that promote resources sharing

  • Supervises the organization of ads and content for replicability and share-ability among campuses

Assists in the development of Divine Savior Ministries and The Divine Savior School brand, as well as coordinating with Divine Savior Church to correlate the brands

Serves as protector of the Divine Savior Academy brand by ensuring that the DSM Brand Book is executed on all campuses and in our marketing efforts

  • Is the final eye on all copy, website, and collateral, preferably has writing experience

  • Serves as project manager for major content development

  • Coordinates with on-campus communication coordinators to ensure that campus communications are on brand and delivered with excellence

Reports to: Vice President, Divine Savior Ministries


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