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More ministry together.


Divine Savior Ministries

is the parent organization of

Divine Savior Church and 

Divine Savior Academy.  

Our churches share the saving message of Jesus and provide opportunities to worship, connect, and serve in a Christ-centered environment.


Our academies serve students with college-prep academics, a Christian environment, and supportive teachers. 

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Our special needs school serves students who may be on the Autism spectrum with severe and profound needs. We provide special education and therapy services in a supportive community shaped by Christ's love. 

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Divine Savior Ministries

 develops and supports  

new & existing campuses. 

How do we support each other? 


Divine Savior seeks to "go out into the world and preach the good news" through the pursuit of new missions and the strategic support of established ministries.


We seek to cooperate: school and church, church with church, academy with academy. We work with each other to share resources and build each other up in the Lord.  


Our motto is "work hard, stay humble, and give God all the glory." This spirit of service is motivated by our love for Jesus our Savior and seeks to serve everyone we meet. 


Together we can do

more ministry. 

At the heart of all we do is sharing Jesus with others. We provide the support churches and schools need so that pastors can focus on preaching and teachers can focus on teaching. We work together to share resources, provide economies of scale, and to give others what we've learned from our own story (sometimes the hard way). Business plans, marketing guidance, grants, and consulting are just a few of the ways that we support our ministries and those across the United States and the world. 

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